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Restaurant pop-ups. Popcorn start-ups.

High street sandwich brands. Street-food burger vans.

Multinationals. Supermarkets. Bread bakers. Bagel makers.

A Fortune-100 franchise. A Cornish pasty world champion.

Microbrewers. Gin distillers. Market-leading mixers. Coffee titans.

We’ve worked with them all, many of them time and time again.

As they’ll tell you, we understand their niche and their needs better than anyone. Trust Harper Anderton to find the food industry talent you need – you’ll be in good company.

harper anderton

Helping businesses locate and secure top food industry talent.


We work closely with a host of clients across the globe to fill permanent roles paying up to £80k.

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harper anderton

Hand selecting industry experts to successfully deliver sustainable solutions for the food & drink industry’s unique challenges, projects & missions.


Create a winning team formula with cross-functional expertise, dedicated to delivering your business goals.


With a pool of top talented individuals, we select the skill set required and provide a committed resource to your business.

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