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Harper Agile is 100% food focused. Our small, dedicated team of consultants have built networks spanning the length and breadth of the globe. We’re in regular contact with the industry’s movers and shakers, in food and drink manufacturing, retail and food service.

Hit the ground running

There aren’t many industries that move as fast as food. Hiring in our sector demands an agency with the right blend of insight and intelligence.

That’s us. We know that your vacancy won’t keep. Production can’t stop. Customers won’t wait. Whether you need fresh development ideas, a catalyst for change or cover for an indispensable team member, we understand what’s at stake.

Working with empathy and understanding helps us to build open, effective partnerships with clients. Entrust us with your next interim vacancy and we’ll help take the stress out of hiring.


harper anderton

Helping businesses locate and secure top food industry talent.


We work closely with a host of clients across the globe to fill permanent roles paying up to £80k.

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harper anderton

Hiring shouldn’t be a headache

Partner with Harper Anderton for your next role and we’ll make sure the whole process feels as seamless as possible – like we’re an extension of your business.

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We track food trends and market developments

We know where people are working today and where they want to be tomorrow. So, when you call us with an urgent recruitment problem, we’re already one step ahead of you.

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